sunday morning messages

Our Sunday morning messages are posted below. To listen, simply click the "Play" icon just beneath each graphic. 

Our prayer is that these sermons are a blessing to you on your Christian walk.


Heaven & Hell_11.3.19_.mp3


Series of James 10.13.19.mp3

Series of James_10.6.19.mp3

Series of James 9.29.19.mp3




In the Valley_7.7.2019.mp3

G rated Family in R rated World.mp3

G rated Family in R rated World_6.9.19.mp3


Easter Sunday_4.21.19_mp3.mp3



Go and Tell_3.10.19_mp3.mp3

Go and Tell_2.24.19_mp3.mp3

Go and Tell_2.17.19.mp3


FaronFranklin_Christmas at the Movies_12.16.18.mp3

Faron Franklin_Christmas at the Movies_12.9.18.mp3

Faron Franklin_ChristmasMovies_12.2.2018.mp3

Faron Franklin_11.11.2018.mp3

Faron Franklin_This Is Us_10.28.18.mp3

Faron Franklin_10.21.18.mp3

The Prodigal Returns

Faron Franklin_Prodigal Son_Homecoming_9.16.18.mp3

Faron Franklin 6-17-18 Abraham 01.mp3

Faron Franklin_6.24.18 Abraham 02.mp3

Faron Franklin_7.1.2018 Abraham 03.mp3

Faron Franklin_7.8.18_Abraham 04.mp3

Faron Franklin_7.15.18 Abraham 05.mp3

Faron Franklin_8.26.18 Abraham 06.mp3

Ordination Service_Ryan Franklin_8.19.18.mp3

Ryan Franklin 5-27-2018.mp3



Faron Franklin 4-15-18.mp3

Faron Franklin 4-22-18.mp3

Faron Franklin 03-04-18 Better Than The Angels.mp3

FaronFranklin 03-18-18 The New High Priest.mp3

Faron Franklin 03-25-18 Best Better Covenant.mp3

Faron Franklin 04-01-18 Better Blood (Easter).mp3

2-11-18 Faron Franklin Choose Wisely.mp3

Faron Franklin 02-18-18 The Perfect Mate.mp3

Faron Franklin 02-29-18 The Vows.mp3

01-07-18 Faron Franklin.mp3

Faron Franklin 1-14-18.mp3

Faron Franklin 1-21-18.mp3

Faron Franklin 1-28-18.mp3

Faron Franklin 12-10-17(2).mp3

Faron Franklin 12-24-2017.mp3

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