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Posted by Faron Franklin on Monday, February 16, 2009 Under: Faron's Footnote

First appeared May 30, 2008

Recently I was out of town with two of my boys; Garrett is six and Isaiah is four.  Like many people, my full schedule had put me in a hurry but I had to make that important stop at Wal-Mart before going home.  Like most errands that one tries to complete quickly with small children, you hope to be in and out without any interruptions.  Deep down inside though you know it is not going to happen.

We retrieved the object of our affection and as we were making our way to the register I begin to get excited because I thought for a moment we had done the impossible. Then suddenly, as we were weaving through the crowds of people to reach an empty line at the register, Isaiah yells out, “Daddy I got to go potty.” I wilted.  The dream trip at Wal-Mart without interruptions had again come to an end.  I knew it would be impossible for him to wait until we checked out from the wiggle in his walk; I put down our item. 

Just on the other side of the check-out lanes was the restrooms.  I squeezed each boy’s hand and proceeded to walk quickly to the facilities in hopes to make it back before a long line formed at the empty register.  I pushed both boys in the center stall and they took care of business.  The room was hot; we stood crowded, side by side.  The toilet in the next stall flushed and I heard the stall door close.  As I was buttoning Isaiah’s pants I distinctly heard a female voice.  As I shushed the boys, panic set in.  “I’m in the women’s restroom,” I thought.  After saying a quick prayer I told both boys to be very quiet and close their eyes.  When the water at the sink stopped running and it became quiet I grabbed a hand of each boy and bolted out with both eyes closed. 

At every Wal-Mart I had ever been in, the Men’s Room has always been on the left—-not at this Wal-Mart.  In my haste I failed to look at the signs and I went into the wrong room.  As we huddled in the bathroom stall I could only imagine the headlines in the paper and the words running across the bottom of FOX News and CNN:  “Preacher Spotted In Women’s Restroom.” I was humiliated and I felt like the world was watching. 

My embarrassment came because men go in the Men’s Room and ladies go in the Ladies Room.  That is the way it has always been.  Only recently have businesses even offered a family restroom for parents with small children.  Even in those, I have never been present with strangers of the opposite sex.

Well, this past week there was legislation presented in the State of Colorado that should concern all of us.  Now it is law as of May 29, 2008 because Governor Bill Ritter has signed SB 200.  Separate public restrooms for men and women have become a thing of the past in Colorado—-and eventually, across the nation.  The legislation added religion and sexual orientation to the state’s nondiscrimination statute, which means that all public restrooms must be equally open to men, women, transsexuals and “transgendered” individuals.

This week, before the bill was signed, Dr. James Dobson urged Coloarado residents to act.  On his daily radio program Focus On The Family, Dobson and a panel of guests explained how this law would threaten religious freedom as well as public safety, and how it could lead to similar laws across the nation.  As I listened I was appalled.  According to what I learned about this bill it would allow anyone to go into the restroom of the opposite sex because they even felt like they were a male or female.

Can you imagine what doors this could open?

The owner of a women’s fitness facility can no longer object to a man dressed as a woman to enter her place of business and participate in any and all opportunities the center offers.  If the owner would object there would be legal repercussions. 

A mall could offer separate restrooms for men and women, but if someone felt they were not the sex God made them they could use the restroom of the opposite sex.  There would be such thing as privacy any more.

Not only that, imagine what an opportunity for sexual predators to use this law as “cover” to enter intimate areas in search of a victim.

When I entered the women’s restroom at Wal-Mart I was innocent.  I just stumbled into the wrong place.  Now in the state of Colorado the restroom is one of many places that will open the door for intentional intruders to rob your privacy.  Places off limits will now be open territory.

As with other laws we have observed, once a state puts an immoral law into practice, other states begin following suit.  You can be sure other states will begin to want this law as well.  I know it almost sounds absurd, but this is the reality of the world in which we live. 

Allow me to close with the words issued by Dr. James Dobson late on May 29th after Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter signed SB 200:

“Who would have believed that the Colorado state Legislature and its governor would have made it fully legal for men to enter and use women’s restrooms and locker-room facilities without notice or explanation?

“Henceforth, every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predator, bisexual, cross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence. The legislation lists every conceivable type of organization to which this law applies, including restaurants, bathhouses, massage parlors, mortuaries, theaters and ‘public facilities of any kind.’ Those who would attempt to protect females from this intrusion are subject to a fine of up to $5,000 and up to one year behind bars.

“This is your government in action. It represents a payback to Tim Gill and two other billionaires who have essentially ‘bought’ state legislators with enormous campaign contributions. 

Coloradans deserve better!

“And by the way, because of the way this bill is written, it is not subject to the initiative process. There is no recourse.”

Locking my bathroom door,


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