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Posted by Faron Franklin on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Under: Faron's Footnote

      One of the most frequent questions asked of me as a preacher is "What is God's plan for my life?"  Everyone sometime or another seeks an answer to this question:  teenagers, parents, grandparents, handicapped and the educated all want to know if God has a plan for their lives.   Godly people desire to be where God wants them to be, but because God is not always specific to our situation people find themselves searching.  They are searching for the right move, the correct direction, and the proper response; all because they are seeking after a sincere purpose for their lives.   So they come to me, sit in my office, and sincerely ask, “What is God’s plan for my life?”

There is something you need to know.  Whether you're flipping hamburgers in the middle of nowhere or just about to receive a highly acclaimed college degree, be assured that God has a perfect, blessed, and exciting plan for you.   He says so in His Word:

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God afore prepared that we should walk in them.  (Ephesians 2:10, ASV)

Once a person recognizes that they are not placed serendipitously on this earth, but that they are predestined to walk out a perfect plan for their life, designed by God Himself, the quest for their destiny begins.

But where do we start?  Here are seven steps you can take to find God's will for your life:

First Of All Submit To God’s Program.

This seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Yet, this is where the majority miss it.  In our society many have claimed as their theme the Frank Sinatra song "Do it My Way."   Most people live their lives playing a tug of war game with the Lord.   They want God to lead them but then they pull against Him to do it their way.    Why would you ever want to design your own life, when your possibilities are so vastly limited compared to His?  Besides, He is more interested in your well-being than you are and we must not forget that His wisdom is greater than ours.

So the beginning to knowing God’s will for your life is to begin to stop pulling against Him and surrender to Him---willing to follow Him in whatever direction He has for you.

2.      Draw Closer To Him.

Check your datebook.   It probably reveals how busy you really are.   Meetings, doctor appointments, ballgames, church events, school programs fill the spaces with very few free days.   Then there are other responsibilities not noted on your calendar  that also steal your time:  laundry, cleaning house, mowing the lawn, fixing the deck, painting the kid’s room, repairing the desk drawer, grocery shopping and on and on it goes.  By the end of the day we are asleep before our head touches the pillow because we are exhausted.   “Busy” seems to be the immediate response when people ask how we are doing.

If we want what God wants for us, we must add one more thing to our list.   Take a few minutes each day to be still.   Slow down and take time to hear His voice.  Ask Him to reveal His plan to you.  God will always respond.  Spending time with the kindest Being in the Universe will change your life forever.

I have found that if I make this a priority I get more done---even though it is one more thing added to my to do list.   There is something to be said about seeking God first.   I have found if I do that, everything else seems to fall into place (see Matthew 6:33).

3.      Read The Bible Each Day.

It goes without saying, God's Word will not give you the name of whom you are to marry or share with you the business name of the business to which you need to send your resume.  God does direct the path, but He also gives us many choices along the way.  

You can be sure God will reveal His known will as you read His Word everyday.  And from that, you will know to look for a man or woman with Christian character to spend your remaining days here on earth.   From His guidelines presented in His word you will know what company shares your values and models strong ethics, so that you will have a peace about seeking employment.   God’s word will give you the guidance you need to make wise decisions.

Don’t know where to start?   Begin with the book of Proverbs. You'll be surprised how much insight you will get about God's will for so many different areas of your life.    

4.      Act on That Word.

God will reveal something to you if you invest time in His Word.  If He reveals some changes He wants you to make or a step He wants you to take, do it.  He will not reveal the next step if you haven't been obedient in taking the previous one. 

Psalms tells us that “God’s Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” (Psalm 119:105).  We often desire a spotlight---something that will illuminate way down the road, but God’s plan is a “lamp unto your feet…..and your path”   That means He shows enough light for the next step and you must trust Him with one step at a time.

5.      Find Out What Your Particular Gifts Are.

God made you unique.  He gifted you with abilities that are distinctive to you and you alone.   You have been endowed by God Himself with a unique combination of talents and you can guarantee that He will help you develop to walk out His plan for your life.  Use what is in your hands to do what is in your heart.

6.      Pinpoint Your Dreams And Passions.

If they line up with His Word, they are probably from God Himself. He put them into your heart to give you a vision to pursue.

7.      Start Moving.

Nobody can drive a parked car. God's plan for your life will be a great blessing for you, more than you could ever imagine, but more than that, His plan is for you to be a blessing to many others. So start sowing your gift into other lives. It will launch you forward more than anything else can because giving is more blessed than receiving.

Many never move forward because of fear.  Fear that they may make a mistake, go the wrong way, or the upmost fear of all . . . fear that they may fail.   These people are not going against the will of God.  Yet, the sin is just as dreadful because they are not reaching for it either.  

Honestly . . . you will probably make some mistakes in your journey.   However, we serve a God that forgives and He is a God of second chances.  Don’t just sit there; get busy and take hold of what God has for you!  

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