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Posted by Faron Franklin on Friday, July 31, 2009 Under: Faron's Footnote

I love to go into the bookstores and try to find a bookmark, a coffee mug, or pencil with my name on it.   You know what I am talking about?   Something labeled with your name and under it a brief description or a simple meaning of your name.   As of yet, I have never found anything with my name on it; I guess my name is too unusual.    It is interesting to go back and look at where your name came from, where you got it, and what it means.


Do you know the name of Jesus?  Did you know that Jesus means Savior (Matthew 1:21)?  His name aptly describes what he did when He left Heaven to dwell among us---He came to save men from the penalty of their sins.  Dr. Luke points this out in Luke 19:10 when he states, “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”    Jesus must have loved us deeply to offer His life in our place.


I guess that is why the church so eagerly reaches out to a lost world.    The love of Jesus consumes us with a desire to save others from eternal destruction.    How wonderful it is to know we have such a wonderful Savior In Jesus Christ.


Willis R. Hotchkiss, missionary to Africa, searched for many months for a native word that would express the idea of Savior to the community of people he was serving.   Nothing seemed to convey his important message to his people.  


One day there was a great commotion in the village.   When Mr. Hotchkiss joined the crowd assembled in the square, he found a native, torn and bleeding.  He was excitedly telling of his escape from the claws of a tiger.  The saved man used a word to describe another man who had saved him, but in doing so had lost his own life in the battle with the beast.


Immediately Mr. Hotchkiss wrote this word down.   The next Sunday he preached on Jesus as Savior and used this new-found word.  As the people crowded around him after the service they said, “Now we understand that Jesus died to save us from sin and Satan.  That is what you have tried to tell us for so many moons.”


Mr. Hotchkiss says, “I have dwelt for years practically alone in Africa.   I have been thirty times stricken with the fever, three times attacked by lions and several times by rhinoceroses, ambushed a number of times by natives, for fourteen months I never saw a piece of bread.  But let me say to you, I would gladly go through the whole thing again if I could have the joy of again bringing the word ‘Savior’ and flashing it into the darkness that enveloped another tribe of Central Africa.”


I pray often that those of us in America would see the great importance of sharing with our neighbors, friends and coworkers that Jesus Christ is the Savior.  The Bible clearly states that only through obedience under the Name of Jesus are we saved (1 Corinthians 6:11).


Before we can ever talk to someone else about this great truth, we must ask ourselves the all-important question:  Is Jesus Christ my Savior?  Over my many years of ministry I have had the opportunity to ask hundreds of people if Jesus Christ is their Savior.   So I direct the question to you today. 


When people have not understood the question I take them back to the Bible to see what Jesus himself has to say, as well as those trusted disciples that walked with him as His students.   From their teachings we conclude that at baptism Jesus Christ becomes our Savior because it is there that the blood of Jesus is applied to our lives.   Over and over again in Scripture we see that baptism is associated with Salvation.  Jesus communicates that immersion into water is necessary (Mark 16:16); Philip, the Evangelist, believed in immersion (Acts 8:38);  Peter preached baptism (Acts 2:38; 1 Peter 3:21).    


Is Jesus your Savior?


It does not matter how many thousands, or even millions, have made Jesus Christ their Savior if you have not made Him your Savior.  He died for you.  If you were the only one that needed saving He would have took your punishment and died.  Have you obeyed His commands to be right with Him?   If you would like to talk about this I would love to open up a conversation with you.   Let me know today and we will make an appointment.   I love you and desire to help you in your Christian walk.   Call me at 412-788-8818 or email me at FaronFranklin@hotmail.com.

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