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Posted by Faron Franklin on Friday, April 24, 2009 Under: Faron's Footnote

Tuesday night, around 9 PM, I was preparing for bed and a knock (more like a loud pounding) came to my back door.   I quickly prepared to meet my unsuspected guest, turned on the porch light, looked through the curtain, and opened the door.  To my surprise it was one of our town policemen.   He asked me to confirm my name and I did.  He explained that he was patrolling the back street where my automobile was parked and noticed that my trunk was open. 

My key remote had been jingling in my pocket with my change; somehow the trunk button was pressed and wahla. . . .  My trunk opened on cue, leaving the rear of my automobile vulnerable to anyone passing by in the darkness of night.

When we reached my car the officer suggested I remove my GPS from my window.  He explained that someone the week before broke a window of a neighbor’s car and stole their GPS.   I closed my trunk, removed my GPS, and I thanked the officer for his service to the community.

As I made my way back to the house  in the darkness I felt a sense of security.   There was someone watching out for me.   Then I remembered a verse a scripture that I had meditated on in my devotions a few days before. 

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance….”   What does that mean?   It means to be alert or watchful about the ways of the enemy.  It is easy to become careless about guarding our heart and being alert to Satan’s subtle tactics. 

     Just as I was comforted to know the policeman was watching over my possessions and safety, we need to guard our heart to protect it from the enemy.  

Think about what a guard does----he’s on duty.  He watches for the enemy to attack.  He is not just ready; he’s actively watchful and prepared to resist all attacks from the enemy.

     That is how we need to live---comforted as someone who has a prepared, watchful guard.   It does not mean that we live in fear.  It does not mean that we have to always be checking to see if the devil is sneaking around. 

     What kind of guard do we need?   I think the most obvious ones are prayer and the Word of God.  If we pray for the Holy Spirit to guard our hearts, He will honor that request.  When the enemy creeps up, the guard calls out, “Thus says the Lord,” and the enemy flees (The devil really is a coward and will not openly fight us).  God will help us to resist any charge of the enemy.

     How blessed we are to have the privilege of  prayer.   To communicate with a God that loves us with all His heart.  To speak to the One that gave us hope in the mist of a hopeless world.   Pray often for God to protect your heart from the plots of the enemy.

     One of the many attributes of prayer is that we can also have others take our needs to the Lord.   They intercede on our behalf.   Be open with others and let them know how they can pray for you.  Pray for others as they too war with the devil. 

     Take courage that you are not alone.  Be encouraged that you can find security in an unsecure world.  Be comforted that someone is watching out for you.


Dear Lord, guard my heart from the attacks of the enemy.  Help me to resist Satan’s temptations and use Your Word to guide my heart.  In Jesus Name---AMEN.

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