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Posted by Faron Franklin on Friday, April 17, 2009 Under: Faron's Footnote

The following is a confidential report on several candidates being considered for the minister position at a church.

Adam: Good man but problems with his wife.   Also one reference told of how his wife and he enjoy walking nude
in the woods.

Noah: Former ministry lasted 120 years with not even one convert.   He is prone to unrealistic building projects.

Abraham: Though the references reported wife-swapping, the facts seem to show he never slept with another man's wife, but did offer to share his own wife with another man.

Joseph: A big thinker, but believes in dream-interpreting, and has a prison record.

Moses: A modest and meek man, but poor communicator, even stuttering at times.   Sometimes blows his stack and acts rashly.  Some say he left an earlier church over a murder charge.

David: The most promising leader of all until we discovered the affair he had with his neighbor's wife.

Solomon: Great preacher but our parsonage would never hold all those wives.

Elijah: Prone to depression. He collapses under pressure.

Elisha: Reported to have lived with a single widow while at his former church.

Hosea: A tender and loving minister but our people could never handle
his wife's occupation; she’s a prostitute.

Jeremiah: Emotionally unstable, alarmist, negative, always lamenting things.

Isaiah: On the fringe? Claims to have seen angels in church.

Jonah: Refused God's call into ministry until he was forced to obey by getting swallowed up by a great fish.  He told us the fish later spit him out on the shore near here.   We hung up.

Amos: Too backward and unpolished.
With some seminary training he might have promise, but has a hang-up against wealthy people---might fit in better
in a poor congregation.

Melchizedek: Great credentials at current work place, but where does this guy come from? No information on his resume about former work records.
Every line about parents was left blank and he refused to supply a birth date.

John the Baptizer:  Name says he can grow the church, but his dress habits have to be a turnoff.  Has slept in the outdoors for months on end, has a weird diet, and provokes denominational leaders.

Peter: Too blue collar. Has a bad temper-even has been known to curse. He had a big run-in with Paul in Antioch.
Aggressive, but a loose cannon.

Paul: Powerful CEO type leader and fascinating preacher.  However, short on tact, unforgiving with younger ministers,
harsh and has been known to preach all night.

James & John: Package deal preacher & associate seemed good at first,
but found out they have an ego problem regarding other fellow workers
and seating positions

Timothy: Too young!

Methuselah: Too old . . . WAY too old!

Jesus: Has had popular times, but once His church grew to great numbers He managed to offend them all, and then this church dwindled down to twelve people.   Seldom stays in one place very long.
And, of course, He's single.

Judas: His references are solid. A steady plodder.    Conservative. Good connections. Knows how to handle money.

We're inviting him to preach this Sunday.
Great possibilities here!

Some things are not as they seem.  What looks good on the outside often is hollow and empty on the inside.    First impressions are often deceiving.   Goodness is often camouflaged with life’s messes that clutter your thinking and perspective.

Sometimes when you are looking for the goodness of God you find yourself in a state of confusion.   You know God is good but when you look at your life you wonder where His goodness is in the mist of your disappointments, failures and life’s frustrations. 

Like many of the Bible characters mentioned earlier, do you have bumps in your  path that clouds God’s goodness?    You often forget God promised that your life would be full of much trouble (John 16:33).   And when you are racing through your days there are many potholes  that distract your attention from the fact that God is still working in your life; His goodness is masqueraded through your pain.

Christian recording artist, Pam Thumb had a song out a few years ago titled Life Is Hard, But God Is Good.  I love the title because it defines a simple fact of life.  Even though we have battles scars of this life, God is still good.  God is still good if it is cancer.  God is still good if you did not get the job.  God is still good if the prayer was not answered like you expected.  God is good.   God is Good!  God is so GOOD!

Look through the fog and proclaim to the world the goodness of our great God.    God is so good!

Encourage me with your story this week.   E-mail me a  brief testimony of how God is working His goodness through your life.   Send e-mail to FaronFranklin@hotmail.com.

Let us not forget Romans 8:28.

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