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Posted by Faron Franklin on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 


When was the last time that you dreamed of building a house?  Most young couples eventually talk with great excitement about what their dream house would be like.   Do you remember when you went to the magazine section of the book store and selected a book of house plans?  For the next several weeks you flipped through the pages and you planned your dream home.   It became a daily, fun adventure drawing up where each room would be placed, planning where the furniture would go, and decid...

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Posted by Faron Franklin on Thursday, May 7, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 

As was the morning routine on a school day, Mom loaded my sister and I in the car at 7:12 AM to drive us down our long lane from our farmhouse to meet the bus.  Yet, this day proved to be different than most days. 

 I had my 4th grade project due and it would need to travel with me on the bus.  It fit neatly in a large box and I must say I was proud of my project.  This was one elementary kid that was excited to show off his work; yet I was dreading the bus journey with the cumbersom...

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