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Posted by Faron Franklin on Sunday, June 21, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 

I had forgotten how much I loved church camp until this past week.   Last Sunday through Friday I spent my days with a group of high school kids at Camp Christian in Mill Run, PA.   I must admit I am a little tired, but spiritually I am refreshed.


Like people in the church the young people came from a lot of different backgrounds which helped develop their individual personalities.  Some love living on the wild side (Like Tanner who would try to skateboard through the boys’ dorm every tim...

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Posted by Faron Franklin on Sunday, June 14, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 

Psalm 119:97, NIV – “Oh, how I love your law; I meditate on it all day long.”


Many of today’s Christians get a little anxious when they hear someone talk about meditation.    There are many secular groups that spout off today’s buzzwords like transcendental meditation, yoga and new age that causes God's people to avoid the reference of meditation.   They are afraid of the occult or pagan worship.  What they miss is how often God talks about meditation in His Word.


Meditation is ...

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Posted by Faron Franklin on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 

I removed the wet clothes from the washing machine and placed them in the dryer.    Before closing the door I cleaned the lint trap and walked up the stairs, like always.   A couple of hours later I carried my laundry basket down the stairs to retrieve my fresh-smelling dried clothes.   As I opened the door I discovered that the clothes were still wet.   Thinking the weight of the drenched clothes may have jarred the door open enough to turn off the drying cycle, I reset the timer and headed...

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Posted by Faron Franklin on Tuesday, June 2, 2009, In : Faron's Footnote 

The local newspaper in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, carried the headline "Man Who Looks Like Jesus Arrives in Town."  His name is Carl Joseph and he does resemble our interpretation of what Jesus looks like.

Mr. Joseph has wandered through forty-seven states and thirteen countries over the last nine years.  He looks very much like the Jesus of movies and storybooks. Flowing hair, beard, head at an angle, white robe — he has the standard look of a Hollywood Jesus of Nazareth.

He is a 39-year-old m...

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