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Posted by Faron Franklin on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 Under: Fishing Lines

Prayer is vital when it comes to evangelism. There needs to be prayer in preparing the hearts of people that need to receive salvation.  You need to also pray for yourself that God will help you to communicate effectively and that your motives will be pure.  I am a firm believer that all evangelism should start and finish in prayer.  If we think about it, most of us who are Christians can probably look back and think of someone who prayed for us to come to know Jesus Christ. It might be an elderly grandmother or another family member, even a friend or a work mate.

I have found that prayer softens people and makes them open to the message and helps to clearly communicate the powerful gospel message.  Even the hardest heart can soften over a period of time. If you are tempted to give up praying for someone, just remember the apostle Paul. He once persecuted Christians, but then turned out to be one of the greatest Christian missionaries of all time!

When I am praying for someone, I always pray 3 things when I am praying for a particular persons salvation - - -
1. God help them to see the need for Jesus in their life.
2. God allow Your Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin.
3. God open my eyes to this person’s greatest need and help me to say and do the right things that will draw them into a relationship with You.

When I pray for my unconverted friends, I can’t pray that they will be saved because I would be asking God to do something He cannot do.     God can’t make someone respond to Him.  Salvation is a choice.   So my prayers for my friends should be that God would put people in their path to speak His message, that my friend would hear the message without distractions.    

I have found that prayer also helps my spirit to be sensitive to others that may need to hear the message of Jesus Christ. As I meet new people or come to an understanding that someone is not a Christian my heart will be burdened with this person. When the burden is weighing on your heart you suddenly begin praying for that person and you will have God given opportunities to share your faith. So, pray and get ready for the harvest.

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