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Posted by Faron Franklin on Thursday, April 2, 2009 Under: Fishing Lines

  There are a variety of evangelistic tools that you can use to reach people. Sometimes people seem to want to talk about things at the strangest times. Having something on hand can help in those situations.
Here are a few examples:

Tracts – You can keep one handy in your purse, wallet or the glove box in your car just in case an opportunity arises. They are very handy if you don’t have much time or perhaps are a bit nervous about sharing your faith.  I know someone who puts a library pocket in the back of all her books. Instead of a library card, she puts a tract in it!

Audio tapes and CDs – A simple gospel message on an audio tape or CD may be all it takes to reach someone. Perhaps you could record your testimony or what you believe and give it to people who ask questions.

Books – Look out for books on different issues especially ones where your friends or family may be interested in or if they are going through hard times.

Websites – Look out for websites that may help you to reach your friends. Many websites have a “refer to a friend” page that sends an email message on your behalf bringing the site to their attention.

Video tapes and DVDs – Christian media is becoming more of a popular thing. After the movie you can open up a discussion on spiritual issues.

These are some of the things I have found useful in sharing your faith with those around you. Remember these are not substutes for the Scripture. The Word of God is inspired---these other resources are not.

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