Due to health issues of the farm owner we are holding off on meeting at Little Tara this year on Sunday nights.   We are planning outings through the summer, but have decided to hold off going out on a weekly basis.   Sincere thanks goes out to Clyde and Tricia for all the awesome experiences at the farm.  Our prayers are with Tricia as she recovers and we hope she will be well soon. 


               LITTLE TARA FARM

(June 7th through September 2009)


A History Of This Powerful Ministry


In late Spring of 2007 a group of people conspired to create a ministry for our young people.   This group desired to unify the youth of the church as well as create an avenue to reach out in some way to serve the community.  

As these youth leaders were praying for God to lead their thinking to develop this special project for the children, a couple in the church, Clyde and Tricia Munger, were praying for God to use them  and their newly purchased farm in some type of ministry.    Through many "God moments" these people came together and the ministry was formed.

What could be better then tending God's garden?   The farmer and his wife provided the garden space, the youth leaders provided the direction, the children provided the labor, and God provided the harvest.   They planted tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, beans, corn and other vegetables.   Their gardens grew and their relationships did too.   

There were only two rules.  You only shared in the harvest if you worked in the garden and you had to share a portion of your harvest with our local food pantry.    Our mission was complete:  We had a project for our kids and we had a way to reach out to our community.

Then a problem developed.    The parents were taking their children out to the farm and helping them with planting and weeding.   Our ministry at the farm was growing, but those coming to the church house for the Sunday evening service were dwindling.   After some discussion and prayer our leadership decided we move the evening service from the church house to the farm.  

The next year adults were given garden space.   The ministry grew from a youth ministry into a ministry for the whole church.  People began coming to the farm in the afternoon and spending the day.   They would work in their garden, some would fish in the pond, others would swim a while in the pool, and some would take a prayer walk on a cut path.  Then we built a campfire area with a fire pit, benches to set on and a cross to direct our attention on Jesus Christ.   This was the place we met God through worship, prayer, communion, and teaching.   To this day, many have said some of their most meaningful spiritual experiences have taken place at Little Tara Farm.

Someone suggested that we bring food and share in a meal together at the farm.  Soon this developed into a weekly event.   This tradition has brought our church into some rich fellowship as we have shared this evening meal together.   This time is really enjoyable when we are sharing food from our harvest.   It really is a great atmosphere.   Sometimes we cook hotdogs on the fire and make smores.   Sometimes it is chicken on the grill.  Tricia often breaks out the homemade ice cream maker for everyone to share in a cold treat on a hot night.  Other times there are beans cooked on an open fire.   One of the highlights toward the end of the harvest season is our Annual Corn Roast.   Clyde & Bob gathers corn from the garden and by the time it gets to the table it is the best corn you have ever put in your mouth.

The times at Little Tara have blessed our church tremendously.    It has brought unity to our fellowship and has allowed relationships to grow deep with one another and our awesome God.  The farm is a wonderful place for visitors to connect with our congregation.  They get a chance to develop relationships.  If desired the preacher and leaders are available to answer questions, give counsel or share in a special time of personal prayer.

Over time this ministry grew to envelop the whole church family.  It really did become a God thing and not a church thing.  Now, young and old, work together, side by side, in the garden.  Grandparents and grandchildren mingle in worship and fellowship.   Families share together in an evening meal.   Everyone leaves encouraged because everyone is welcome.   If you need an invitation----Here it is:  We personally invite you to come to Little Tara Farm and share some amazing experiences with us and your family.  You will be glad you did.

To kick off this summer ministry this year we are going to have an outdoor concert at the farm on June 13th.   We will have a carry-in dinner at 4:00 PM.     Wendy and Tracy Tooley will be presenting presenting the outdoor concert at 6:30 PM.  There is no cost for this concert, but everyone is encouraged to bring a lawn chair, a dish of food (large enough to feed your family) and something to drink for the dinner. 

This ministry has been such a success because it has been bathed in prayer.   It is a place for you and your garden to grow.  Come grow with us at Little Tara Farm.  

Directions are simple.    If you need detailed directions go to the DIRECTIONS section of  website ( or call the church office at 412-788-8818. 

[Special thanks to Clyde & Tricia Munger for literally opening up their farm to our congregation.   We are thankful for their generosity.] 




“The time we have at the farm is absolutely the best time here on earth.  Getting into a natural setting for the purpose of worship and fellowship makes the time together so much more meaningful and it's sooooo relaxing. It is a perfect way to start the week.”    ---Joe Buchko


“No Walls---No Roof---God’s glory shines through on each of us as we gather together under His majestic sky.  Hear the sounds of His wildlife: geese, the rustle of squirrel, deer, and birds singing praises. Then the smell of fresh mowed hay and country air as pure as the Lord intended. The fellowship with those who celebrate God’s goodness and love causes all to develop faith, hope, and renewal in our Lord .”    ---Michael Hetzlein  


“Being at the farm brings all of the church family together in a way like you bring your earthly family together for a reunion.   We get to know one another on a more intimate level.  You are out in the open and can be more open to all around.  It's a lot of fun!”    ---Karen Cox


“The Little Tara Farm has given our family a love of being with Christians.  The farm ministry is outside in the day to day living.  The farm is caring extended family in an atmosphere where you feel accepted.   No judging. No worries.  Thanks go to Clyde & Tricia for opening up their home to all.”   ---Margie Buchko


“The farm ministry has brought my family back into the church. The fellowship and friendship has put a positive influence into our lives. It opened up lines of communication and another way of looking at life for my family. Thank you.”    ---Tom Harpster